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The Best and Worst Things About Queensland

Considering moving to or visiting Queensland? Need to know the great, the awful and the bits that Tourism Queensland won’t let you know?!

*This post was written in 2014 yet I’m reposting it as it’s a fun theme which keeps on producing heaps of intrigue and remarks.

At the point when I originally moved to Queensland in 2009 I expounded on the Best and Worst Things About Living in Australia so it’s about time we examined the upsides and downsides of living in Queensland as well.

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Best Things About Living in Queensland

• The climate – I moved here so we could swim in the ocean throughout the entire year and despite the fact that I don’t do that you could (at any rate on the Sunshine Coast where we don’t get saltwater crocs or executioner jellyfish. The atmosphere is stunning for hypersensitive individuals like me who can’t stand the virus. Aside from in January and February (like now) when we cook. I am actually softening as I compose this.

• The produce – We have tropical natural products lasting through the year and a gigantic determination of foods grown from the ground on special in the stores, markets and greengrocers. I have papaya for breakfast throughout the entire year and we appreciate occasional products of the soil as they become accessible. Right now you can get 10 mangoes for $15 from street side slows down, the watermelon are $1.49 per kilo (about $8 for a colossal example) and lychees are $5 for a major box.

• Casual clothing is the go – Think jandals (you may call them flipflops or thongs), shorts and sundresses. Dressing is simple, comfortable and fun.

• Fitness and sports culture – I don’t know whether this is on the grounds that the atmosphere is mellow yet the Queenslanders are an energetic bundle and I go along with them at 6am for ordinary strolls, swim, runs and sessions on the executioner steps. I like that there are many individuals who need to take care of themselves and remain fit. The neighborhood pool office in my old neighborhood of Noosa is dazzling with three outside warmed pools and space for the wellness aficionados just as the easygoing swimmers like me and the children who simply need to have some good times.

• Prawns – I love all fish yet it’s very costly here in Australia contrasted with New Zealand costs. Aside from the prawns which are sensibly valued and can regularly be found on unique at the grocery store. Tragically prawns are an environmental so ensure you purchase Australian prawns and look our for those that are Marine Stewardship Council guaranteed.

• Kid agreeable – It’s a laid back way of life here in Queensland so you can wear what you like and take your children anyplace.

• The Hinterland – When you figure Queensland you may think sea shores, Great Barrier Reef and water play yet the hinterland is flawless as well. I love the Bunya Mountains, the Gold Coast hinterland and a couple of extraordinary regions of the Noosa hinterland.

Most noticeably terrible Things About Living in Queensland

• Over-guideline – There are an excessive number of laws here and some of them are senseless like the one that says it’s unlawful to leave your vehicle opened in light of the fact that you are actuating wrongdoing. By and by I believe I’m enormous enough to choose for myself when to bolt my vehicle and wear a bicycle cap or not. Organized commerce is dead here and beginning a business is difficult in light of the fact that you need to go through the motions to begin.

• Unpopular with the remainder of Australia – Queensland has an awful notoriety pretty much wherever else in Australia. They call us Queenslanders ‘banana drinking sprees’ which makes me giggle.

• It’s immense – so huge heaps of Queenslanders have never at any point visited its most popular milestone the Great Barrier Reef and keeping in mind that I fantasy about visiting the northern tip of Queensland and Cape York it would take days to drive there.

• Harsh sun – We Queenslanders are all in threat of getting skin malignant growth, however presumably no more so than in the remainder of Australia and NZ. I wear sunscreen all over each and every day except the wrinkles are as yet growing pleasantly.

• Sexism – A companion of mine gripes about dingy TV and radio advertisements which I’ve cheerfully missed in light of the fact that I don’t stare at the TV or tune in to the radio. Be that as it may, I have seen that ladies are seen as sex questions a fraction of the time. Indeed, even at nearby occasions like lighting the Christmas tree on Hastings Street in Noosa, Santa is joined by hot young ladies aides in red smaller than normal skirts and low profile tops. Terrible Santa, he ought to understand that dealt with.

• Mono-social – I’ve expounded on prejudice in Australia previously so I won’t go there again however in Queensland something I do note is it’s particularly a white region, particularly where I live. I know there are a lot of indigenous Australians in Queensland however tragically I don’t see them much and the greater part of the outsiders are Caucasian like me.

• No sunshine investment funds – Unlike the remainder of Australia Queensland adamantly won’t change their checks in summer so it gets like at 4.30am which is too soon for my enjoying.

• Creepy crawlies and that’s only the tip of the iceberg – We have cockroaches, stick amphibians, snakes, jellyfish and a wide range of other frightening little animals yet you become accustomed to that.

• Creepy crawlies and that’s just the beginning

Also, there’s one more thing which I don’t know whether to put on the best or most exceedingly awful rundown. Queenslanders are unfathomably glad for their state. They bolster their football crew irately, they serenade “Queenslander” at games and they decorate it on their tops and shirts. Some of the time I believe it’s excessive.

Be that as it may, on the other hand Queensland is a quite exceptional spot and, as the in-your-face Queenslanders state, it’s “lovely one day, immaculate the following.”

All things considered, the advantages and beneficial things about living in Queensland far exceed the disadvantages and for us it’s the correct parity for a cheerful way of life.

What do you believe are the best and most exceedingly awful things about living in or visiting Queensland?

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